Morning E-Scooter tour itinerary.

Embrace the morning scenery of Singapore with us on an e-scooter ride.

We will bring you to spots where you can take the best panoramic view of the city.

We will also share with you the history of the city and gain an insight of this modern city.

Our journey starts with a visit to the old civic district of Singapore; where numerous British colonial edifices are located, we will learn about their past and present roles and functions to gain an insight into Singapore’s rich history and present.

Other than its colonial past, this precinct also holds an important place in 1st WW and 2nd WW history.

Next, we will take a ride along the Esplanade park and understand why it has been one of the most popular parks for so many years.
Along the ride, we will also visit the padang, which means the big field in Malay and understand why it is of historical importance to Singapore.

Join us and we will share with you the story behind them.
The tour will not be complete without the visit to the city’s newest attraction, Garden By The Bay, which many said to be the central park of Asia.

Wait no more and embark on an effortless ride to the city highlights of Singapore with me.

Evening E-Scooter tour itinerary.

Take the evening e-scooter ride to enjoy the night scenery of Singapore.

Our journey starts with Singapore river, the life blood of our country in the past and understand how it transforms and continues to be an important livelihood for many today.

We will also visit the colonial district of Singapore and walk through the time passage to understand their past and their current roles.

The night of Singapore city offers a spectacular scenic view that’s second to none. Unique from other countries, it is a constant mix of old and new edifices standing next to one another.

Watch “The Wonderful Show”, it is a splendid show with a beautiful symphony of music, water and light that’s powered by advanced lasers, fountain jets and visual projectors.

Feel the light, sounds and music of Singapore and the breath-taking sights that this city has to offer.

See and experience it with our professional guides in this 3.15 hours ride.

Itinerary Highlights:

  • Civic district of Singapore
  • MBS
  • GBB
  • Marina Barrage


  • Price: $110/pax

Tour schedule for English tour commentary:

  • Date: Mon – Sun.
  • Morning E-Scooter Tour
    • Starting / Ending time: 9am to 12pm ( Duration: 3 hours)
  • Evening E-Scooter Tour
    • Starting / Ending time: 6pm to 9.15pm (Duration: 3hours 15 minutes)
  • Starting / Ending point: Esplanade MRT station Exit A

Things you should know:

  • Only for age 16 and above.
  • Where to meet: Esplanade MRT station A
  • Please read our terms and conditions before booking. 


  • Paxs must know to ride a E-Scooter.
  • Paxs must be 1.4m and taller.
  • Paxs must be 12-year-old and above.

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